Armed with Ammolite

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 13, 2011 at 12:20 am

Here comes the new year 🙂

I’ve been approached by friends and readers of the blog with regard to what crystals can act as an all-in-one amulet in 2011.

New discovery for me in 2011 is a crystal, actually it’s more a “fossil” that I never really  paid attention to before. This is unusual for me since I pretty much notice every crystal or new “nuni” tool everytime I enter a store.

As they say, you see what you need to see when the time is right, this was the case for me with the Ammolite or Ammonite crystal:

An all-in-one amulet

There are two versions of it that I purchased. Both are opalized, bringing out the colors. If you look closely at the bottom one it actually has rainbows, making it even prettier to look at. The top ones are halves of a whole which can be worn and given to a special someone almost like a locket.

But what about the properties? What makes it so important and a must have for anyone? (You have to like it first of course, doesn’t matter what the properties are if you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing or carrying something like this around.)

As per crystal guru Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible, The Encyclopedia of Crystals) this is one of the most effective wealth and protection stones. Wealth can also be interpreted as abundance. It is also good for anyone undergoing craniosacral work, and does give stamina, vitality and helps someone experiencing depression. It’s a really wonderful all-around crystal. Another plus it is said when worn gives sensual beauty to its wearer. Nice to wear on a romantic night out, or if you are feeling the “fuglies” (we all get that) and want a lovely quick pretty perk-up. (This works on men too ok?)

On another level, it is believed in feng shui to be the Seven Color Prosperity Stone. Since it has seven colors: intense crimson (red represents growth and energy), fiery orange (represents creativity–and increased libido!), golden amber (yellow or gold represents wealth), vivid green (for wisdom, intellect entrepreneurship) and azure (blue represents peace and health) as well as jade and mauve…which just add on to the green and red properties.
The Feng Shui masters also believe that Ammolite has absorbed cosmic energy over eons and stimulates Qi, which is the life force over the whole body.

If you buy a big Ammolite you can keep it at home to serve as protection it also will attract health and prosperity. Keep one or even two on your desk or in your office to aid in business deals. For those who don’t mind wearing it, as mentioned above, you will benefit from its imparting energy that will make your beauty sensual ( I love that word) not to mention adding on some charisma to your already perfect self 😉

Ammolite was reputedly named after the spiral horn of the Egyptian God, Amon, and in other cultures, such as greek and native american it was really used to ward off evil and negativity.

Sounds like the perfect crystal to start a whole new year. 🙂 Best of all, it’s not too expensive, I have seen it in various crystal shops (again, make sure your sources are sincere and real) and feng shui shops in the country.

  1. Hi Kat 🙂 Wow, indeed it sounds like the most perfect crystal that one cannot do without… best of all its not expensive and readily available 🙂 I have a big one by our bed side… I liked it cause it helps pregnant women as well have a healthy baby and an easy natural birth 🙂 its super!

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