Culmination 2010-the full moon and beyond

In Living a Life Off-Center on December 20, 2010 at 6:56 am

A blissful Monday to all of you 🙂

Sharing a reading I got in preparation for the final full moon of 2010…feel free to share. It is undeniable that December is probably the most overwhelming month of the season and with good reason. 2010 has also been rather tumultuous and I may be speaking on a purely personal basis but I am rather happy to see it go.

Hope this will provide you all with some inspiration and a little lightbulb moment if 2010 has given you a couple of slaps and pinches or a big ol’ kick in the cojones 😉

Love and light


December 21st shines as the final Full Moon of 2010 and not only unites with a total Lunar Eclipse but also falls on the sacred Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the southern.  This powerful day of illumination will bring forth the deepest emotional aspects that need to be reviewed, around relationships, communication, inner balance and our personal environment.  The timing in many ways is the culmination of 2010 in a condensed time construct and will require a deft monitoring of emotions and any overwhelm associated with them.
December is clearly closing out with a bang so to speak, and this powerful completion energy will be the springboard that opens January with renewed resolve and fortitude.  I have been asked several times the past few days what December will feel like?  For me personally it feels more expanded with a sense that things are opening up and opportunities are starting to move into full throttle experiences, from the choices we have made.  It is a month where most everything will be slightly more amplified that in the past few months, and that is saying a lot considering the intensity of 2010.  This amplification will peel back anything hidden, unrealized potential or otherwise.
 For many the feeling of anxious anxiety is still sitting just beneath the surface of their consciousness, causing further sleep disruptions, headaches etc.  During the week between the 12:12 and the Solstice this will have a potential to amplify, so take the steps your body needs to get enough sleep or at least relaxation.  Maintaining balance is the theme of this month and in truth that requires paying attention to how or what you are feeling and what shows up.   Part of the energy of every December is the review that occurs and the dreams, desires, intentions and potentials that grow from that.  We are now at a point in our mastery and evolution that everything that occurs in our seemingly normal everyday lives has meaning and potential.  Every experience is woven within the matrix of our holographic projections and beliefs that hold and make things real or at least seem that way.
As the energy builds and expands throughout the month it will most likely feel overwhelming in some aspect of our lives and again how we maintain balance will be the remedy. The culmination of change strikes deeply and we may feel uncertain, overwhelmed and exposed, but at the same time the expansion of light offers tremendous space for all forms of our reality to model the posture of  pure magic and change.  Certainly taking an easy approach to things, baby steps if you will allowing and not over reacting is helpful.  Many are already feeling the energy build as an expectation of something coming, a sense of new beginnings or opportunities being born for 2011.
This month the culmination of change strikes deeply and we may feel uncertain, overwhelmed and exposed, but at the same time the expansion of light offers tremendous space for all forms of our reality to be altered.  Trust the intuitive nudges and guidance that shows us as timing potentials.
2011 will usher in more expansion and change, greater waves of higher frequency and light will wash over our beloved Mother Earth. Maintaining Balance will be the key to the 2011 door as we navigate that new threshold.  There is so much to be grateful for on our beloved Mother Earth, so many blessings, gifts to share with our loved ones and more importantly those we meet as strangers only to recognize as soul family in a sparkling instant.

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