We clean, we green, we educate

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 28, 2010 at 9:03 am

Check out the new online video of Messy Bessy Cleaners.

I would highly encourage everyone who is concerned about the planet to use their household cleaners and other products. My personal favorite is their Little Warrior hand sanitizer. Their products are refillable so you do not have to throw the containers away. The company also is a true model of social enterprise as it employs disadvantaged young adults, training them how to work and also giving them a chance to complete an elementary, secondary or tertiary education.

Every product you buy goes to support School H.O.U.S.E which enables these young adults to go to school, and then giving them work experience so they may get a proper job when they graduate.

Here’s the vid, spread the word!

  1. Wow, I love the Messy Bessy Commercial 🙂 specially since you and Kaizer are in it 🙂 Ha ha! Seriously, I didn’t know that they helped underprivileged kids go to school… that is another great reason to support their products, aside of course from being local and environmentally friendly. I will certainly help spread the word around 🙂

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