The Crystal Method (Dowsing)

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Swinging vote

Trust your intuition. First thought is the right thought. Go with gut feel. Listen to your heart. These are all fine examples on how to better discern when having to make a decision about something, from a simple yes or no answer to perhaps choosing between two objects (even people) you may want to welcome into your life. While I agree completely with the abovementioned statements I also like experimenting with tools that can make the process a little more fun, and also, helpful to others.

A crystal pendulum in my opinion is one of the more objective ways for you to get an answer on something (or someone) based on energy. This process I’ve learned is called dowsing, and I’ve used it primarily to help me choose healing crystals, or even love crystals, especially when someone has asked me to buy something for them, or for someone they love. What I’ve also learned, if there are thoughts that I have that are unclear, I can also “ask” using the crystal and it does shed some light.

The process

So how does one get into dowsing? Firstly, purchase a pendulum made out of a clear quartz crystal. If you are already the sensitive sort, then you can choose another kind of crystal but what’s important is that it has a pointy termination or end, as it will need to “point” directly at something if you are choosing between two or three things in particular. It should bear some weight of course so it hangs down and doesn’t sway too much when it’s finally come to a stop. It should also be attached to a long chain so you can hold it well. Too short and it will not move, but I’m getting ahead of myself, let me first explain the process.

Start off with holding the end of the chain attached to the pendulum and relax since you will need a steady hand. Say a little prayer for divine guidance; I always say, “Please let me see what I need to see, in order to make the right decision for my Higher Purpose. In full faith… Amen.” Make sure that the pendulum chain is between your thumb and forefinger and the rest of the chain should be approximately the width of your palm. If the chain is very long just shorten it and wrap the rest of the chain around your fingers.

Then, program the pendulum with a “yes” and a “no” movement. For example, swing the pendulum in a wide circle and as you do, think to yourself this means “yes.” Then, swing the pendulum backwards and forwards and then think to yourself, “this means no.” Do not limit yourself to just these two movements, you can opt to make the back and forth movement a yes and the circle a no, it’s really not a rigid rule, as long as you remember which movement means what.

Give it a test run. Hold the pendulum  over your other hand. Try and keep it as still as possible; relax first, and take a deep breath if you find your hand a little shaky from anticipation. Then say out loud: “My name is (your name)” and see what the pendulum does. It should do the “yes” movement, which just to stay consistent with this article is the circling motion. Then, after the pendulum becomes still again, hold it, take a deep, relaxing breath and say out loud, “My name is (give a false name)” and the pendulum should swing back and forth.

Keep it simple

Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is, but a caveat: it should be kept to simple questions when in relation to you. In other words, do not use the pendulum to make a life-changing decision, especially if you are not in a happy emotional state. This is not the way you are going to decide if you marry that guy or if you should quit your job. Keep the pendulum swinging for something simpler and lighthearted, it will be more effective. Questions such as “Should I call my best friend today?” or “Should I plan my vacation now” are okay because you do them while in a good mood.

You can use the pendulum though to help someone else who may be going through something more dramatic and life-changing, provided that you have no personal or emotional attachment to the outcome. Better yet, do not tell your friend what your “yes” or “no” pendulum motion is, and, to add to the objectivity, instruct him or her to ask their questions silently. Again, before any dowsing, remember to pray for divine guidance for your friend, so that he or she gets the answer that is best for their greater purpose. Even if you do not necessarily believe in the power of the pendulum, it still can provide some giggly amusement at your next gathering. Just don’t take anything too seriously; life is meant to be lived with joy, and no matter what the pendulum might predict, you will always have free will to change and choose.

* * *

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Reposted from SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated October 15, 2010

  1. can you please help me out because I’m interested to purchase a pendulum but doesn’t know where to buy it. I am living in Cebu City
    Thank you so much.
    your article is really great, hope you have more articles related to this.

    • Hi Lora,
      Unfortunately I don’t know where in Cebu City you can buy a pendulum. But, if you find a place that sells crystals all you need is to get one that has a pointed end and is a little heavy, then buy a long chain and have it attached, that should be good enough. Good luck I hope you find something similar to the one in the photo! I’ve heard from friends that they find theirs in Chinatown.

  2. I live in Cebu City
    where can I buy a crystal pendulum?
    thank you

  3. your article is fantastic

  4. Intuition will allow accessing the insight
    most frequently not present to our senses. Refer to it as a still voice, a hint or a gut feeling – as soon as it begins taking place you will know it’s no fluke.!
    Dowsing is a tactic one can use to gain access to the intuition by means of dowsing pendulum as well as divining rod.
    I have been doing it for a number of years and I really believe any individual can very well learn it.

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