Chocolate Ice Cream Bliss

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 10, 2010 at 10:26 am

What’s a girl to do on the weekend except indulge her chocoholic-ness?

A “good call” made by a cousin brought me to seemingly new Maitre Chocolatier on Jupiter St. in Makati.


Gonna dress you up in....chocolate!


The first thing you notice is a  fitting form all dolled up in chocolate wrappers. To the manly men out there, don’t be fooled, that’s probably the only gender skewed thing in the store; so you can go ahead and succumb to your sweet tooth inside.


What to choose...


Athough there were displays of different chocolate goodies on the walls, and even a menu serving chocolate dessert options from classic hot chocolate to a very witty “Fondue me” sign, I went straight for the gelato. How could I not?


the darker...the better...



but you can stick to milk or white (that's light)!


In the end I went for the dark Ferrero Rocher small scoop (Php 125) and it was quite rich, so one scoop was enough for me as I had jut come from a very heavy steak dinner. I couldn’t help but notice the orders floating towards the other tables. Tall and long chocolate shakes, tobleron marbled crepes, and vowed to return when I had more space in my stomach. (Yes, there’s always room for dessert, but there’s only so much room!)


One heavenly scoop of dark Ferrero Rocher loveliness!


So, if you ever find yourself wondering what your next sweet treat could be, or need some shelter during this bi-polar October weather, then give this new boutique cafe a try!

Address: 28 Jupiter St. cor. Astra St., Bel Air, Makati. Tel nos. (02) 897-8559 or 896-2529

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