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I attended the Metrobank’s Foundation Excellence in Art and Design awards and exhibit last night. Suffice to say it was a stellar venue for up and coming artists (both young and old) in the fields of visual arts (painting, sculpture) and practical arts (interior design and architecture) I had the privilege of meeting all the winners this year and attend talks given by senior artist and design practitioners. The actual awarding and display of the winners’ works plus the semifinalists was held at Le Pavillon last night (September 17) and will remain there until the end of the month so I would strongly encourage you to see the works. Great news is that most of the semifinalists’ works are for sale! Since there is no gallery yet to represent the artists the works went pretty much for a song, and I’m happy to say that I hit the right “tune” and helped myself to two beautiful pieces. 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at the works that garnered the winners a  place among Metrobank Foundation’s finest:

Ang Hindi Matapus-tapos na Ebolusyon, at ang Walang Katapusang Paghahanap na 'Di Matagpu-tagpuang Langit

This acrylic on canvas by Reynaldo Samson was his quirky take on “religion”. Translated into English it means “The Neverending Evolution and Ceaseless Search for an Elusive Heaven. I quite like it, sadly, all the winning works are not for sale to the public, they will now belong to the foundation, but hey, the winners all get cash prices like Mr. Samson who received 200k as grand prize winner. Not a bad exchange right?

This second image a watercolor by Lester Rodriguez took the grand prize in the Water Media on Paper Category.

The Hidden Agenda

Rodriguez’ work is symbolic of his stand against war and violence. His belief is that for peace to be attained, the production of guns should cease. He will certainly not be favored by rightists and the NRA…but at least he pocketed 200k to help him continue his cause through his art.

Among the visual arts, my favorite medium would have to be sculpture. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of space in my house to literally “house” a big, beautiful piece and I’ve been seeing a lot of work out there that’s spectacular but way over my budget. A person can only dream right? I liked both the works of the Grand Prize and Special Prize winners in the sculpture competition, let me know what you think.

Superhero Complex

I met the Grand Prize Winner, Mr Marc Cosico last night at the opening of the exhibit. He is an arts teacher and he shyly admitted that his students have been texting him their congratulations and saying how they are so proud of him. His work is made out of sealant, yes, like that you put on your roof to keep the rain from coming in. I hope he continues to teach! He explained that this is a depiction of the commercialization of time-honored traditions of the Filipino Culture.

The winner of the special prize is 18 year old Dennis Ticao who hails from Negros Occidental. I thought this showed some depth considering his age, but obviously it rises out of his admitted personal experience with poverty and the struggle to rise above it.

Riders of The Storm

I also thought that the winning work in Architecture was impressive. True green building. According to winner Architect Gelo Manosa, after he built the residence the owner’s electricity and water bills went down tremendously. He champions recycled water usage (dual flush system) and also using materials that will make full use of natural light and ventilation. The inspiration of the design came to him when he was experiencing respiratory problems due to the pollution and dust that surrounded his own residence. This “Private Residence” is in his mind, a representation of a human lung:

Private Residence entrance


Great place for a siesta 😀

Apart from the above-posted winning works that I liked. I also saw two pieces from the semi-finalists that I hope will find a happy place in my home very soon 🙂

"Panata" by Sariel Ancheta

I really love sculpture pieces and thankfully this is small enough to fit in my place as it’s only 15x7x22.  I liked the way it depicts “Christ” through a taho vendor. Well, that’s my interpretation and that’s what I’m sticking to! LOL. I met the sculptor last night but we didn’t talk about his work, more about his life and that he traveled all the way from Pangasinan just to attend the event.

The second was a painting that I thought was whimsical and playful and more importantly symbolic of manifesting what you truly want:

Thoughts Become Things by Robert C. Raymundo

I have to admit I did enjoy the MADE exhibit as it provided art idiots like myself a chance to see fresh talent and a chance to buy! I’m not saying that the soul in training needs to purchase art in order to feel more alive or happy, but when you see something that calls to you especially in a positive way and then life presents an opportunity to bring it home (plus you help the artist who created it financially) then I feel that’s pretty good karma all around 😉

Congratulations to all the MADE winners and semi-finalists!

  1. Hi Kats 🙂 What beautiful art pieces 🙂 truly befitting a soul in training :)I’m so happy that your new career is so much aligned with what your soul yearns for. That’s what I thought in the first place!

  2. Thank you for the update … I love to hear from the homeland … arts & culture… Inspiring… & proud to be ” Pinoy”

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