More Angel Altars!

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 15, 2010 at 3:45 pm

The wishing angels continue their journey hopping 3 more friends at a time. Thankfully I still personally know these three friends who have decided to host their group of wishing angels. Take a look at their altars 🙂

This was lovingly arranged by a yogi and healer:

Yogi Angel Altar

Here is how she describes her space: This is my personal yoga space but I lay it out as a space when I have guests. That’s a mirror with a side altar for now, usually its just flowers and my lamp. This was this morning so that’s coffee and toast for the angels. Side altar with side God, Ganesh, more mala beads. some crystals ….

She also moves the altar around when she has class to this:

Yogi altar version 2

My cousin-in-law who generously lets us use her house as a healing space took advantage of her mother-in-law’s collection of angel figurines as a celestial backdrop for her altar:

and here’s a close up of her actual altar:

Detail of angel altar

The last but not least altar is from a designer friend of mine. Look at how he cleverly put a Golden Selenite Tower to increase angelic communication and a clear quartz generator on top of his wishes so that they get an extra boost towards Heavenly ears!

Crystal enhanced Angel altar

I think I will continue with my Angel Altar series, I hope more people send me photos of how they’ve decided to “host” their Angels. 🙂

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