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Ready to be the hostess with the mostest!

I recently completed a Wishing Angels ritual. The whole idea behind it was to “host” a group of wishing angels in your home for approximately five days. A friend had to pass on her guests to 2-3 friends and she chose me to be one of the recipients. The ritual itself was fairly simple, although there had to be some preparation involved. When I mean wishing angels I truly mean our winged guardians but these ones were primarily to help grant three of your most heartfelt wishes. These three wishes had to be personal ones, and not for other people.

To prepare, I had to dedicate an area in my bedroom to house my divine guests. This was going to act as an angel altar, which required a few things. The first was that it had to have a vase or a pot of fresh white flowers, a candle, an apple and then a white envelope with a letter containing my three most heartfelt wishes. They were going to arrive at 10:30pm and I was to welcome them with an opening mantra of gratitude. That morning, I went to the local flower shop to pick the brightest, whitest flowers I could find and also a shiny green apple. I was lucky that I had a battery operated candle (you have to keep a candle burning for five straight days) because this is obviously a safer option than a real candle. Two of my other friends did the same thing, they used a battery operated candle. I spent the afternoon thinking of my three most heartfelt wishes and wrote them down, placing the letter in the white envelope and under the apple. For an extra special touch, I placed a ceramic figure of an apple on the altar. This is what it looked like:

Ready and waiting for my guests of honor!

My candle worked out well being battery operated, it flickered almost like the real thing plus it was vanilla scented which made it even more realistic.

Even better (and safer) than the real thing!

I also added some of my crystals that had angel-like properties:

Barite with watermelon tourmaline

For extra measure I also put a quartz cluster  just to amplify the energies:

More power!

At around 10pm that night, the rains started to pour and the ritual specified that I would have to open the front door and any main entrance to allow the angels in. In my case that meant the gate at streetlevel of my house, my front door and of course my bedroom door. I was worried about the rains, how was I going to stand outside and wait for them without getting wet and without looking ridiculous in my nightwear and an umbrella? By 10:28pm I waited by my front door (inside the house) wondering what I would do when the clock struck 10:30. All of a sudden, the front door “trembled” as if a strong wind at hit it I noticed several bright red lights blinking from outside my house, my heart leapt and I ran to open the door. I saw my brother, returning home from work at this late hour and alighting from his car-which meant, he was going to open the front gate since he had to enter. Problem solved! With umbrella in hand I watched him open the gate and felt a thrill I kept the front door open as I waited for my brother to climb up and go inside. He was giving me a quizzical look wondering how I could have opened the door for him without him having to ring the doorbell. When I glanced at my watch again it was exactly 10:30pm. There are no coincidences in this life, my guests had arrived, and had hitched a ride with my brother.

I felt like a giddy teenager as I welcomed them into my room and gabbed on about how I hoped they would like their little space. They seemed to approve and I went to bed that night with a huge smile on my face. Throughout the course of the day my friends and I shared stories about how they welcomed their angels and their experiences with them. I asked them to email me their angel altars, so here are a few versions:

Angel figurine already with an electricity fueled candle

Angel altar with disco light instead of candle

There were some who opted to put a more personal touch on their altars by surrounding it with photos of their loved ones:

Personal touches make it even more special

For the next five days, I used my imagination in entertaining my celestial guests. A friend of mine who could “see” them told me that mine were a mother and daughter tandem, and quite big in size (which I felt) and also quite old and regal (something I also felt). One friend had about three angels who visited her and they seemed more youthful and a little more playful. Another friend had a group of female angels, probably about five or more who were noisy and seemed to chatter like a bunch of highschool girls. I took my guests to my office, to the mall, flower shopping, to a bridal shower and always gave them the option to go back to my home and rest if they wanted. I know this sounds crazy but it gave me a sense of love whenever I spoke to them (sometimes out loud but in public places mentally) and I was quite sad on the 5th day when I knew it was time to say goodbye to them. That goodbye night was also special with a farewell ritual. As I walked them to the front gate (and thankfully it wasn’t raining this time) my dog followed me and he started to bark at noone and nothing in particular. When I opened the front gate he ran out, barking, and I panicked a bit as he rushed to the right side of the road barking, and then to the left side of the road. All of a sudden he stopped, and just ran back in. For the rest of the time I spent outside completing the ritual he stoically sat on the front steps looking into the distance. Eventually he lay down but with his eyes still focused straight ahead. This time I knew that my guests had really left and had moved on to their next host (2 of my good friends).

All in all it was a lovely experience, I am now waiting for my angels to surprise me with my 3 most heartfelt wishes granted beyond my wildest expectations. 🙂

One more altar option for the road

  1. Hi Kats! What a beautiful and sacred Angel Altar! Thanks for sharing the ritual 🙂

  2. hi, thanks for sharing ur experience but ur experience made me confused becoz i put my wishes in yellow envelop…..anyways rightnow i’m performing the ritual,today is my 4th day,i experience the presence of angels think they are 3,today i sudenly smelt three differrent type of frgnances one by one. The fragnances were very pleasant. I smelt in morning. But at the same moment i visualised a train accident, i didnt remember weather it was normal train or it was delhi metro or it was symbolic to something…. I am praying I everything gonna be alright! Please pray….
    I will send u pics of my guest after the completion of ritual…

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