Bug Begone!

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 2, 2010 at 1:57 pm

To be scared is normal, to be fearful, is a little more serious but relatively normal, to have a phobia-which evokes an emotion that goes beyond words but the closest would probably be terror is God-awful. There have been accounts of people who go into hysteria, some as extreme as dropping dead, right on the spot when faced with that one thing or situation that throws them right off the sanity meter. Yes, I know, this all sounds overly dramatic, but that’s what a phobia can do, bring out the telenovela in you, all at once you have no concept of vanity or poise, so even if you’re in the most anticipated, glamorous event of the year in your fight worthy ensemble you will be reduced to a big old mess, worthy of a straitjacket.

So what freaks you out the most? You’ve heard of agoraphobia-fear of open and or crowded spaces. There’s zoophobia-fear of animals and the rather amusing cacophobia-fear of ugly things (beauty is really in the eye of the beholder). Fear is not alien to me but I have found that there is nothing else that makes me turn around screaming and running awat like a complete and utter lunatic than a cockroach.  It sounds silly right? I disagree, a cockroach, roach, ipis, cuca, whatever you want to call it is akin to the spawn of Satan. Seriously, that’s how I view them, practically indestructible sneaky little things that can creep through any hole, probably go through walls, and have the balls to go straight at you, even if you’re 200 times its size.  I’m not going to even get started on the flying ones which can send even the bravest, macho man screaming for his life (trust me, I’ve witnessed this) as this hideous winged menace makes an aggressive beeline for his head.

Roach no more!

As there are many ways to skin a cat, there are of course many ways to kill a cockroach, but more of them involve sprays with toxic fumes. Grab your supermarket brand of bug or roach spray, and spritz away, the smell alone is enough to kill you. This is especially detrimental in times of panic when you are trapped, alone in your bathroom and a roach decides to launch a surprise attack, if you are like me, you aim and fire that spray in all directions (because you’ve closed your eyes in fear) and what’s left is a fog that cloaks you and besides killing that six legged little beast you’ve probably also poisoned your lungs and goodness knows what else. Worst of all, if you’ve gone and emptied out half a can in one area of your abode, the smell stays for hours, even the whole day, and probably, so does all the toxins.

Thankfully, there have been less dangerous (to humans but not to roaches) alternatives in the market. One of which is the Anti-Roach Spray of Messy Bessy. Messy Bessy is well-known for its environmentally and people friendly line of house cleaning products and has expanded into handwashes, and repellants. Their roach spray uses a patchouli oil blend that seems to freeze a roach on the spot with one go and its smell will not cause you to gag or your eyes to tear. Again, you have to exert a little self control here, a spritz or two is enough if you empty the bottle out the patchouli’s scent will be overwhelming, but not toxic at least.  Herbal pest controllers have been recommending essential oils or certain herbs to get insects or other unwanted critters to bug off.  Citronella oil for example when mixed with a little water can be used to fight off mosquitoes and you can even spray it on your furniture as it gives off a pleasant smell and will not stain if diluted properly.

I have to admit that my newfound weapon of roach destruction has been effective. Even with a regularly cleaned house or office, the rains and overall crappy sewerage keep bringing my fears to the surface (literally) so I make sure I always have a bottle within arm’s reach. The cockroaches may never go away completely but at least I’ve found another way to fight them off. Ironically, when I did an online search for “phobia of cockroaches” the term used for this was Katsaridaphobia. Ah, the irony.

For more information on Messy Bessy products and where to get them visit:

  1. i love messybessy hand sanitizer… got addicted with the clean-green scent.. Haven’t been to trinoma to buy more though.. I think I should bring one in our office ma’am to disinfect and dis-insect! :-p

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