Crystals as works of art

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 1, 2010 at 4:50 pm

I recently visited a good friend of mine who is a collector of healing crystals. I was welcomed by the sight of the most breathtaking works of art ever made by Nature. Most of these are naturally formed, sculpted by God Himself, in my opinion.

Whether you like crystals or not, I’m sure you will find the beauty of these pieces undeniable.

Aquamarine with Muscovite

Ajoite in quartz

A beautiful ajoite "master" crystal

An assortment of other really gorgeous hard to find crystals...drool

These ones above are smaller in size but still big on WOW! I would love to write about the properties about every single one but words aren’t enough, it makes a huge difference when you actually see them and hold them. The bottom left is a pink tourmaline in one of the most beautiful shades of pink I have ever seen and perfectly shaped for a pendant. Just above it is another pink tourmaline in twin flame formation and with what looks like rutiles inside, making it even more powerful. Right top is a baby version of the previous aquamarine with muscovite, doesn’t it look like a brooch? And last but not least, a very, very rare twin flame formation rutilated quartz. Not only will it help you find your twin flame or soul mate but rutilated quartz is known for its anti-aging properties, so find love, while staying youthful is a pretty good 2-1 kind of crystal!

Atlantean Citrine

I loved this one as well. I feel like I must have been from the city of Atlantis is a past life. This one just has a sheen that catches your eye, it’s almost gem-like but it has never been through any polishing process of any sort. The bonus, it also has citrine, which is what’s used to attract abundance,especially financial abundance.

Golden Calcite with Rose Amethyst

This just looks like a piece of heaven fell from the sky. I’ve never heard of rose amethyst, but I am so grateful I’ve actually gotten to see one!

And, just for an encore, the piece de resistance, and definitely not for sale is once again the aquamarine with muscovite cluster. All the terminations are perfectly formed and never touched by man. It looks like a bouquet, or, as I said in my title, a definite work of art. I would rather invest in something like this than a man-made piece of art to be honest, at least with a crystal of this quality you know it is truly one of a kind!

Aquamarine with muscovite detail

  1. Crystals are indeed Nature’s work of art. You put is so eloquently Kats 🙂 no picture though can replace the feeling of seeing and touching them yourself, its an exhilirating experience. Their beauty can’t be fully captured on film unfortunately since they are 3 dimensional. I can stare at them for the whole day and still they will appear a little different each time I meditate on them. They exude an energy that is peaceful, calming and joyous, even people who have no experience with crystals can feel them when shown a high energy one. Each one also has a magical world inside of them that takes a long time to explore fully. One can see angels, animals, forests, mountains, fairies and many others inside some of them, specially those that have their 3rd eye activated. One downside is that once one bathes himself/ herself with the postivie energies, it can be addicting at times, and so I have to spend time without them as well to get me grounded back to earth, ready to face the mundane challenges of this life 🙂

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