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In Living a Life Off-Center on August 29, 2010 at 1:50 am

I can’t say I’ve ever really been big on flowers, until recently. Not quite sure what changed, but hey, change is always good right? Flowers, like plants do give off an energy and when treated with love can brighten a home or an office. I have been making weekly visits to our local market where there are freshly cut and potted flowers in abundance. It’s akin to active meditation where you focus on color, size, scent and of course, the flowers respective energies. Cut flowers are beautiful when arranged with love and have certainly given my bedroom a prettier and more feminine vibe. When I started playing flowers in various parts of the house I noticed that there was an overall sense of harmony, flowers belonged inside as colorful and “live” accents to the more solid and still furniture and art pieces. There is nothing like bringing a living thing to enliven a quiet, somber space.

When I brought a cheery combo of cut flowers to the office I noticed more of my co-workers would pass by desk and smile. Some would compliment the arrangement in passing and others would stay for a moment and stare, their eyes lighting up. Yes, flowers do have powers and it does sadden me a little bit when they no longer bloom and begin their can’t-be-helped wilting. I was contemplating on buying more potted flowers over the weekend until I made a very welcome discovery.

Living Airplants…or called among the flora-fetish’d- Tillandsia.

A tillandsia "Stricta" is so low maintenance

My good friend turned me on to these rather “cute-sy” air plants as we were scouring a streetfull of garden accessories and plants yesterday. She squealed in delight when she saw a whole bunch of them displayed nonchalantly on a table in a place selling expensive Koi (carp) fish. “These are so low maintenance” she said with a huge smile. There were two types we found, the Stricta and the Cotton Candy.

Cotton candy Tillandsia are a bright pink eyeful!

Now, the magic of having these so-called living airplants is that if you are not green thumbed( I certainly am NOT) is that they need minimal care. As they don’t have roots you can place them on a pretty plate or shallow bowl (use your imagination) or you can even hang them. To keep them alive you just need to spritz them lightly once a day or even every other day. Perfect!

I should have gotten a whole bunch (because where we got it was dirt-cheap, in the US they sell this for about USD6 while I got mine for about…my goodness if converted to dollars it would be FREE!! No joke.

A fresh water spritz a day is all it needs

I am now in the process of creatively trying to display them, from ceramic mugs to colorful plates as I plan to bring the cotton candy variety to my office. (My desk is rather drab-well the whole office is, painted in a monotonous blue) and I will keep the pair of strictas at home.

Living airplants are a soul in training’s perfect start up tool to have a little flower power and positive energy in this life! Grab a bunch if you can find them 😀

A great accent for a drab living or working space

There are several varieties of Tillandsias out there, so it would be good to do an internet search on what is available in your country. This is really a plant you can literally hang out to dry.

  1. where did you get yours? thanks!

  2. Hi Kats 🙂 Nice! Your new love for flowers is an excellent sign 🙂 Perhaps your pink tourmalines are starting to take effect! Thanks for sharing.


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