Mercury in retrograde

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The Planet Mercury

Around 3-4x a year I get emails or texts asking me WTF is going on with the world? These periods normally fall around the time when the planet Mercury is in retrograde. You might then ask me WTF does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, Mercury, the planet that “rules” communication, travel and a whole bunch of other things like the industries of broadcasting for one, draws its energy back. So, this affects abovementioned  whole bunch of things. It’s also not a good time to buy anything expensive especially if they are electronic, like a cellphone, a laptop, Ipad, you name it, and I would also refrain from purchasing an automobile during this time period. I have also personally experienced that anything that is started at this point in time doesn’t reach fruition. Contracts that are signed are not honored, or, must be renegotiated after this time period, or, you could also wait til the retrograde is over before you sign anything. Miscommunication is also prone to happening so if you need to give instructions, give them as clearly as possible, as in K.I.S.S. and repeat as often as you can without being annoying. People will misinterpret one another, during this period so don’t be surprised if your friends, family (or even you) get into an argument or plans fall through when everything seemed to be perfectly planned. Traveling? Confirm, confirm, confirm, double check, double check, do everything doubly or even, triply.

But, let me leave a better explanation to the experts. Here are a few links that I’ve found that may help explain this phenomenon that affects EVERYONE in the planet. Some more than others, depending on where the planet Mercury falls in your natal chart.

Again, (since it is Mercury in Retrograde as I post this) I want to remind all of you that this period occurs 3-4x a year and last for about 3 weeks so, I would highly recommend you check out when it happens for the remaining months of 2010 and be prepared by noting down when it occurs in 2011. I particularly like Susan Miller’s page as it is quite friendly and has Mercury in Retrograde dates.

Be patient everybody! Mercury’s greatest lesson is to teach you how to become more reflective to enter a time of introspection since it seems, no one else in you outside world is cooperating, and this includes your cellphone, the internet, the TV etc! 😛

Mercury in Retrpgrade reference 1

Susan Miller\’s Astrology Zone site

  1. i love susan miller too ^^,
    she’s a bit accurate sometimes.
    i love how she gives advises!

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