Ateneo Art Awards 2010

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 25, 2010 at 2:44 pm

Yes this is a long overdue post 🙂 I’ve been quite busy with all the chaotic energies brought about by Ghost Month. For those of you who just love looking at art, here’s a glimpse of the installations exhibited during the Ateneo Art Awards 2010.

Above is an installation by winner Leslie de Chavez entitled Same Old Bananas…since it’s a jab at our yes, “same old bananas” politicos, I would have just put “Bad Bananas” 😀

"Ridiculous" portraits by Pow Martinez

Pow Martinez, another winner, puts an absurd twist to his subjects. What would be an ordinary family portrait is made to look comical, with rough strokes and bright colors. To be honest, these creeped me out. But hey, he won, and he’s young, so I guess the judges saw major potential in him.

Mark Salvatus' makeshift garden

Mark Salvatus won two prizes that night, which is akin to winning two grants if I’m not mistaken. His work was inspired by a garden the inmates in a local prison had coaxed to life despite not having the “right” tools and seeds. The vegetable garden thrived.

Eustaquio's rubber boat

Patty Eustaquio was shortlisted this year but has been a past winner of the Art Awards. This isn’t (in my opinion) her best work, but she’s got some amazing sculptures that I hope to see displayed publicly again soon!

Jukebox de Guia

This was one of my favorite pieces 🙂 Kawayan de Guiais also a past winner and was shortlisted this year. His work was described as an astonishingly original pastiche. I have no idea what that means! But I would certainly would like this astonishing pastiche in my game room (if I had one) and hope it could really play music! (Jeepney jukeboxes are so super cool!)

Syjuco's Sculpture

I’m a big fan of Michelline Syjuco, I love her jewelry and I love her sculpture pieces. This is the second time she’s been shortlisted for the Art Awards, I’m hoping that if she qualifies again for next year that the third time’s a charm! Her interpretation of the “manton de manila” was for me brilliant, and again, if I had a gigantic house or flat, I would collect her work! (I already collect her accessories, she also uses crystals!)

Aniwaas-Ilocano folklore

Yes, I do have a preference for sculpture pieces and yes I may be a bit biased as I’m part Ilocano. Riel Hilario’s Aniwaas shows the belief in “Anitos” or nature  and animal spirits that are all around us.

Another day, another Anito

He uses the method of making a Catholic saint bust or statue with wood and then weaves a little “spirituality” into it. Love it.

Kiri Dalena's Present Disorder

This was probably the most macabre of all the installations. Dalena placed this “broken” piece in the same exact spot were a woman’s body landed when she committed suicide within the venue of the Art Awards.  It was disturbing but it was certainly attention-getting and intriguing.

There were of course, several more installations on display but these were the most memorable for me. Congratulations to all the winners and the finalists.  A big thumbs up to all the people behind putting the awards and the exhibit together! Looking forward to the Art Awards in 2011.

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