An Avellana Afternoon Part 2

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm

It was time for lunch, so we were graciously invited into the beautiful home of desinger Eric Paras. And the first thing I noticed was this stop-in-your-tracks painting by Lexygius Caliph. It left me lightheaded!

framed by our hosts Albert Avellana and Eric Paras

Lunch was complete with curator Boots Herrera, photographer Cocoy Sarmenta and Ateneo Art Gallery Managing Curator Yael Buencamino.  Part of Avellana’s staff, Yoy Baldemero prepared heartwarming (and stopping):

Monggo with....

crunchy chicharon! And...

bitter but better ampalaya!

So after that absolutely delicious meal we decided to burn some calories by continuing our art tour around the compound. The wonderful thing is that almost every object you see can belong to you, and Avellana patiently explains each piece, the artist, and even seems open enough to negotiate if you really fall in love with anything!

a reFRESHing fruity juice!

Garlicky fish!

This is an installation art by Ral Arrogante. If you’re familiar with Philippine folklore you will know that this is not really our version of batman…or batwoman.  A lot more macabre in fact!
There’s a naked manananggal out there folks!

Next  up, the works of Ryan Rubio:

This can actually dance!

this one doesn't...I think

Next is what I call the tabagochi series (various artists)

Well-fed warrior women!

and Cocoy ogles this beauty:

Luscious lady!

Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round....

So, I left the compound that day feeling a lot more cultured and inspired. If you’re ever in the Pasay area, this place is a no-miss. Even the surrounding grounds are art-fested!

Garden sentinels say goodbye

See this place for yourself! Contact Albert Avellana at (632) 833-8357 or (63) 920-9505759 or email: The gallery and a 11 (Eric Paras’ designs) are all located in 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay City. Look for the red gate!

  1. super loved the ballerinas and was thinking what if Dega painted his dancers with these figures 🙂 cute

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