An afternoon at Avellana

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 15, 2010 at 2:16 pm

There is something to be said of the impact of art on the spirit. Like most souls in training, I always find myself amazed and impressed by how others express themselves. Whenever I can, I allow myself to be taken in by the unexpected and that is the magic of modern art. The use of materials that are deemed as common and everyday to create something of surprising beauty or at least intrigue are by all means a great way to give the soul a little shake. Resonance can happen at every level and for me, a visual one is still the one of most impact. I would love it if I could make my artsy trips a weekly treat, but sometimes life does get in the way.

A true relief (for me) by Allain Hablo

Another sojourn into the heart of Pasay City had me revisit the Avellana Art Gallery which is part of an uber creative little compound on Harrison St. If you’re into high ceilings, well cut rooms and a breeze that seems to remain within the compound, then you owe this place a visit. Oh, and be prepared to be wowed by the artwork, furniture and home accessories you can purchase here.

First, the exhibit of Mac Valdezco:

Space plastic

And look at this serious of drawings, my favorite is the one on the right:

Nice series

I couldn’t resist taking a solo shot of it, hey, dreams are free right?

Love the color and the drawing

Other works that can work alone include:

This reminds me of dragons

So much movement

there is something about her drawings that pulls you in. And all the sketches are subject to interpretation. The colors are muted so they could fit into any space, and you would think that the combination of tones would be discordant but it all works. I love her stuff, it makes me wish I had a loft like apartment and of course deeper pockets 🙂

She also works well with plastic, like this “throw” rug that according to gallery owner Albert Avellana can also be hung so you don’t step on it.

Made out of cupcake wrappers, how clever!

More work in plastic, talk about carry-everywhere art

This installation, is a work in progress but look at how original it is. Plastic stick-ons working their way up a wall, and around its corner, and can go even progress beyond that. Again, there is movement, and colorful movement at that!

Wall climbing art


Cute isn’t it? Sorry am running out of artsy-terms. This tapestry, located in a 2nd gallery in the compound is an old work of her. Again, the colors and the perfect mix of the mismatch are intriguing. The eye doesn’t stop moving.

Lines, colors, fabrics. Fabulous.

After this, we were invited to a delicious, comfort food lunch at the beautiful home of designer Eric Paras.  Yes, also in this compound of uber creativity. Stay tuned for part two!

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