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Kissing and telling

I dedicated my Friday morning to art gallery hopping. It’s always beneficial when one is trying to explore oneself to see how others express themselves through their work. My cousin and I drove off to Galleria Duemila in Pasay City to view the works for Cesare Syjuco. I have never met the man but I am familiar with the works of his wife, Jean Marie and his very talented and beautiful daughters. I often wonder what their dinner conversations at home must be like, all of them so heavily dedicated to their own artful forms of expression. As we got to the gallery I had to stop and take a photo of the gate designed by Tony Twig

Duemila's gate

This is the first time I’ve seen an entire exhibit of Syjuco, and I must say that he’s got a sense of humor, which is refreshing amidst a lot of the dark and angst-ridden art I’ve been seeing lately. Of course, there is a twisted side to Syjuco’s vision, but it certainly makes you think and smirk.

Here’s the artist:

Cesare Syjuco

I was already taken by his first installation:

We need water!

The rest, I will leave for you to view at your leisure, although I did have one or two more favorites such as the next two:

Watch your head!

and this:


Enjoy the rest of the show, I believe it runs til the end of August 2010.

War, war is stupid

Breathe VERY deeply

Reflected reflections

A video installation series:

Give this guy a hand


Splish splash

Get wet!

Love rock 😀

Like Greek to me

Ah…the start of one big, fat…lie?

Fact or fiction?

Check out the work for yourself! There’s still time.

Galleria Duemila is located at 210 Loring St., Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Tel no. (632) 831-9990 or go to their website and their email is:

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