The Ki Method

In Philippine Star Column on August 13, 2010 at 12:21 am

A TKM session in progress

The power of touch has long been espoused by many who believe in alternative or complementary healing therapies. I recently tooka daylong workshop on The Ki Method (Ki is short for the King Institute Method). The King Institute, founded by Glen King, a doctor of philosophy, licensed dietician-nutritionist in Carrollton, Texas. King studied other “health recovery” theologies such as acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy until he came upon this particular method that dealt with the study of the subtle bio-electromagnetic system of the body. What I was told to expect was that we were going to learn how to use our hands, by strategically placing them on various parts of either our own body or someone else’s to heal. Sounded too good to be true, but The Ki Method or TKM had already been featured in various news and TV shows in the US and was even adopted by several police and paramedic forces for Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques. Our instructor, Andrew Alarcon, explained that, even with just a half day of training, we could learn how to stop bleeding, seizures, a heart attack, even help in the regenerative process of a burn victim’s wounds, all with just your bare hands; he had my full attention.

Healing hand placement

The simplest idea of how TKM works is that each side of your body gives off a negative and a positive charge. So, when placed against a certain point in your own body, or someone else’s you actually set off a “current” that kicks the healing process into gear. “Your body,” Alarcon repeatedly stated throughout the day, “was created to heal itself.” I took this to mean that if the rest of your body was a car, your hands were there to help jumpstart its engines. What was more amazing was that you could use any method for any ailment on yourself, putting a new spin on the song I Touch Myself. (Okay, not in that way, although what The Divinyls really meant may be a form of healing for some.) TKM can be applied on anyone and, even better, applied by anyone. You don’t need extensive training if you’re going to help someone who’s going into anaphylactic shock or suffering from hysteria. In fact, you can teach anyone in your household some of the techniques, but make sure you also get to practice on yourself and others.

TKM can be learned by anyone

Here’s what I found: the effect is close to instantaneous. During the workshop, as we were taught where to place our hands, I could actually feel the current moving; it was almost like a humming underneath my palms. One particular exercise, meant to help burn victims heal, is actually a regenerative one for the skin (meaning: it can also help remove scars, dark spots and, yes, wrinkles). I decided to experiment that night, and did the exercise for the recommended amount of time, twice a day. I had a dark scab on my foot from a previous injury, and I had been too lazy to apply any kind of medicine or whitening product to it, so it had remained as a rather ugly reminder to never compromise on footwear. The exercise required me to place my hands on my calves (right palm, left calf, left palm, right calf: a challenge for non-contortionists) and leave them there, applying no pressure and no grasping for about 30 minutes (if you are doing this to relieve someone who has burns or a major skin injury or allergy, it’s much easier, obviously). I did this exercise twice in one day and again once the next morning.

Energy spheres all over the body

The next thing that happened freaked me out, and I don’t freak out easily. As I was getting dressed, I looked down at my foot (there is never anyone else around when these things happen, I swear). I actually saw the scab fade: it was quicker than a blink of an eye, and I had to blink and blink again because I couldn’t believe it myself. It was as if someone had swabbed me with an industrial-strength bleach. That was it, from dark to light, and since that day, it continues to lighten all on its own, and dramatically so. If this could happen so quickly to a scab, can you imagine how this could affect someone who may have to deal with a lifetime of ugly (either caused by an accident or sheer stupidity)? On a more serious note, I am a convert, I am now reading the manual with a fervor and I am doing the recommended Median Series exercises which are specifically for self-help alertness, stamina and to boost your immunity.

I know my example may not be the most “life-changing” one, so maybe you can experience it for yourself. We can all heal.

* * *

all images courtesy of The King Institute

For more information on The Ki Method (TKM) and schedule of workshops, contact certified instructor Andrew Alarcon at 0927-4409311 or email

  1. i have suffered from severe brain fogginess like being high or drunk for over 25 yrs and also candida and ebv virus, low blood sugar, adrenal exhaustion, now menopause and hormonal issues. can u help me….please call 216.375.2540

    • Hi I am very sorry to hear about your condition. I think it would be best for you to look for a practitioner of TKM in your area. I do wish you the best. The King’s Method has a website and they have an 800 number: (800) 640-7998 I’m sure there will be a way for you to see someone who can help. My prayers are with you.

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