Art break

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 8, 2010 at 9:23 am

Am certainly not an expert on art and I can’t really write about it intelligently, so photos are always the best way to share what I like.

This is the recent exhibit of Norberto Roldan at the Silverlens/ SLAB Gallery in Makati.

Cool re-fashion

I liked what he did with the beauty kits, reminded me so much of my grandmother’s vanity table when I was super young.

Pretty little boxes

Took a closer shot of my favorite ones:

Anything bring back a memory?

And these:

Oriental touches

Here’s the artist in front of one of his installations at the exhibit:

Norberto Roldan

and sans artist in front:

Check out the detail

He also made these cigar boxes imprinted with famous people names in a series:

Wanna puff?

You certainly don’t have to be an expert to appreciate art. This, for me can take the place of retail therapy or window shopping. There’s no spending involved (unless you are so enamored by a piece that you do splurge) and you learn to nurture the right side of your brain once in a while. Plus, you get to observe some of the most interesting people and see what kind of thoughts they have to bring to life in order to exist. 😉

Souls in training have different outlets, when I need to just let go and have a nice visual feast, I go to an exhibit. Sometimes, I actually come home with something I like!

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