Feng Shui in fashion

In Philippine Star Column on August 6, 2010 at 12:25 am

Find the direction of your room

Feng Shui needs no introduction, especially in this country which has its generous share of mixed-up religious and non-religious beliefs in superstitions. You’ve probably walked into a home with an oddly shaped mirror (in an odd place) or a fountain with little statues and stones on it or even a restaurant that is decorated from head to toe with feng shui “cures” and “enhancements.” Just to see how it may be described in the modern world I Wikipedia-d an explanation, and got (which I felt seemed apt) (Fengshui) “is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. Qi or Chi is life force or life energy.”

I was intrigued by the prospect of feng shui and its luck-changing promises when a good friend of mine told me about a young lady who had given her a reading by the name of Princess (which I later found out was actually spelt “Princesse” probably another feng shui defined nuance) she told me that she had an unexpected but much-appreciated change in events in her life ever since she installed the “cures” her royal highness had prescribed. I thought, hey, why not, can’t hurt and I was intrigued by the name. A phonecall with Princesse led me to be happy with my decision; she sounded bubbly, chirpy and very positive and we scheduled an appointment the following week. My original thoughts of meeting up with a surly old man or woman who could barely speak English were dispelled. I guess I had watched one too many Hollywood movies. It was also good timing as August was considered “Ghost Month,” a rather inauspicious time for anything and would last from the 10th until Sept. 7, so perhaps I could find ways to deflect the bad luck as well.

The first thing I had to do was find the orientation of my room, see what corners represented north, south, east, west, I used an ordinary compass for this, but just to be sure I made as detailed a drawing as I could of my room and parts of my house, including everything from where the A/C was to certain paintings, my work desk, my bed, windows etc. Secondly, I had to give Princesse my birthdate and time for her to find out what elements I had, meaning Fire, Water, Metal or Earth and if it would be affected by the year 2010, and even by the stuff I had in my room, or, the profession I was in. Quick note, if you are O.C. enough to take photos of your room or house, go right ahead, unless you have the drawing prowess of a Marvel illustrator.

Happy luck for everyone

My feng shui appointment turned out to be very enlightening; in fact, I didn’t want the consultation to end as I felt educated at the same time. There are certain elements that your birthdate and time indicate you have too much of or lack, for example, in my case, it seemed that the food business would be a great venture for me, since I lacked the fire element, also, my favorite colors, like blue, gray and black, were the most unfavorable for me because I already had too much water. “Feng Shui luck,” explained Princesse, with a bright smile on her face, “is just a third of one’s luck; it becomes an enhancement if your heavenly luck is already strong, and it can also be the ‘medicine’ if it’s not.” I guess she was trying to say that if not everything you touch turns to gold, then maybe you need some gold-enhancing cures and baubles in your life.

“Through the years, I have seen how feng shui when properly applied, can improve one’s luck. I have seen how it has helped family lives become more harmonious, business increase, conflict resolved, health improved and many more. Just this morning I received a call from a client who last month asked me to help her with some stores in New York, she just called to tell me that sales have already increased by 50 percent after she consulted, “ shares Princesse. I thought, well, who wouldn’t welcome a 50 percent increase in anything, right? As long as it’s not body fat. Certain foods, of course, are more favorable to you depending on your elements; vegetables are categorized as a Wood element food and can and should be eaten by all. No excuses, then, everyone: you must, it seems, eat your greens.

I left that day armed with my new and sparkling feng shui bling. Who knows what post-Ghost Month can bring, right?

* * *

For inquiries, contact the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony, Lobby Level, Mandarin Oriental Manila Hotel, Makati Avenue., Makati City. (Tel. 752-5882; 750-888 local 2722; Shop hours: Monday – Saturday 11a.m.-8p.m.)

  1. Hi there, i am just wondering, did the consultation made a difference in your life? i mean after consulting with Princesse, can you honestly say that your life has been better, money became easier, your aura more brighter etc?

    • There have been some improvements for sure. It’s worth to have a feng shui consultation once to see if it works for you. Money-wise yes, I can say it has helped in many ways!

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