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I know, gluttony is a dangerous thing, but when it comes in the form of a guerrilla dinner the danger can be transformed into a delicious fete. The premise? A group of food lovers ready for adventure, to be taken to an undisclosed venue and ready to eat whatever is prepared and plated for them. So, under the care of JJ Yulo and his fellow chefs and partners we were carted off to Canlubang to enjoy an almost 12 course feast. Seriously, it seemed like it was at least 12, because the food didn’t stop coming.

A glance at the menu reveals the culinary stylings of:

Chefs unite!

Karla Mendoza-who has had almost two decades of cooking experience, and has worked under some of the best chefs in the US (Annita Lo, Mark Peek, Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali) and in some of the best restaurants like Annisa and Mozza. She’s also going to be opening Mozza in Singapore, so that’s two thumbs up to being proud for the Filipino!

Namee Jorolan-a third generation restaurateur (Pampanga’s Everybody’s Cafe) and worked in the US in restaurants such as Chez Panisse, Aqua and Spice Market.  Food is definitely in her blood!

JJ Yulo-from a family who loves to eat, our host and instigator of the night, openly admitted he had to up his game when working with the two above-mentioned chefs. But he is no lightweight in the culinary filed by no means having gone to culinary school in New York and doing an internship at world famous Nobu.

And here’s what we had:

Menu was just a teaser as way more was served

So, even if the menu looked “normal” by any glutton’s standards, the servings were heartier than expected with jet fresh ingredients and very rich condiments and seasoning. I will warn any and all of you now. The food is very flavorful and very rich, it is certainly not for the health or weight conscious, but then again, it is only for one night. Even people who love to eat like me were challenged, as it’s a lot to take, and if you want to truly enjoy you will have to make your digestive system ready.

Food porn shots coming up!

Lick, shoot and suck...or something like that

This is one of the appetizers. There were scallops, there was a crab cake, and I can no longer remember what was in the shot glass

Potato and goat cheese, and a salad in the BG

I believe this salad was the lightest thing we had all night. It was one of my favorite dishes though, something about mixing it all up was quite perfect. Plus, it had a lot of texture since all sorts of things were happening in your mouth!

Foie gras is never blah!

Of course, what is a fine dining meal without foie gras? Certainly not fine dining. So, this is foie gras with a little brioche on the side. Heaven.

Two eggs are better than one...

Truffled egg which you scoop out with a little spoon and a balot croquette. Good cholesterol right?

Shrimp sandwiched scallop

Another favorite of the night. I guess I really just have a preference for seafood…and foie gras? Hmmm…wait.

I should have taken this home...

I wish I had taken this sandwich home to enjoy at leisure. Porchetta sandwich with a shot of Red Horse beer (who needs wine, seriously?) The bread was crunchy, the meat was juicy, actually if they had served JUST this for the whole night and a dessert I would have left very happy.

Fish in lemongrass sauce

I think my system was starting to fail at this point, but I pressed on, I thought, well it’s just fish right? Right.

Stuffed chicken

Ok, I’m really not big on chicken, but when it’s stuffed with risotto and spinach and fennel it just tastes different so I did have a couple of bites, mostly finishing the risotto. Probably not my favorite of the night, but I’m sure poultry lovers would enjoy this and hey, it’s got rice…sorta.

Cool-inaries, Mendoza, Jorolan and Yulo

So, here’s the role call before dessert 🙂 Our chefs!

Still room for dessert

The Yulo version of Dunkin’ Donuts complete with dipping sauces of chocolate and a mind-blowing caramel!

Biscotti for the road

Some tea and coffee was served (as well as cheese) after our pig-out with an extra helping of this yummy biscotti.

Although the dinner fete lasted til midnight and the trek back home took about an hour, I would recommend this for the serious foodie or for a group that would like to do something different and more creative-rather than just a usual restaurant reservation.

Pleasant company and conversation are actually included 😉

For more information on how to get hooked up go to:

Happy gluttony!

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