Alternative events in August

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 31, 2010 at 1:39 am

Just thought I’d share the free workshops going on in Gratitude Cafe for the month of August.

Feel free to share and don’t forget the good deeds!

Thank you for the workshops!

LIFE COACHING Coaching is for those who are ready to take a step forward in life, but need support and assistance.  Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour, and is done one on one; face to face. This is strictly by appointment.  If you need more information on Life Coaching or to set an appointment, get in touch with Kahlil Bagatsing at 09175318179 or Analei Atienza at 0917-8055525.
Fee: Free

PAGBUBUKAS (by Amy Cavosora) – A deep inner process of connecting with your Higher Self. This is strictly by appointment (and limited to up to 5 participants only). For those interested, please get in touch with Amy Cavosora.  Her mobile number is +639291819758.
Fee: Free-will donation
THE PAGLALALIM/DEEPENING –for those who have already taken the Pagbubukas/Higher Self meditation. By appointment only, one-on-one or small group.  Call Amy Cavosora for more details/appointment.

Fee: Free-will donation


MEDITATION- Fridays, 7pm
We start on time so please come at least 15 minutes earlier.
Fee: Free

MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS-  Tuesday, August 3, 6 to 8pm

Know how dreams can be achieved by understanding how the mind works.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

THE SOUL’S JOURNEY – Saturday, August 14, 1 to 5 pm
An inner journey of understanding one’s soul and its purpose here this lifetime.

Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

AUTOMATIC WRITING- Tuesday, August 17,6 to 8pm
Experience this  process of writing  that comes from or aided by one’s Guides.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.
BE A LIFE COACH- Saturday, August 21, 10am to 5pm
This workshop is for those who are willing to move forward, be trained to be a life coach and help others find their way.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

INTRODUCTION TO A COURSE IN MIRACLES- Monday, August 30, 7 to 9 pm
This workshop gives the background and short summary of A Course in Miracles, or ACIM, a nonsectarian and psychospiritual teaching. It includes a meditation exercise on forgiveness, which is the core of ACIM. To be held by Amy Cavosora, a teacher/student of ACIM.

Fee: Free-will donation

For those who want to receive regular updates on our activities, please e-mail us at or register thru the Guestbook.

Thank you!!

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