Tower Power

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 27, 2010 at 3:24 am

I collect crystals, and have been doing so with gusto over the last year and a half, and have noticed that lately, my tastes have been switching from the small and hand held, to wands (for healing) and then now, to towers. Crystals in a “tower” form are generators. In other words they will generate whatever energy they already have in them to give whatever you program into them (a wish or  intention) a boost.

Generate the power of Love!

These ones pictured here are some of the prettiest and most powerful I’ve seen, although I’m pretty sure I will encounter a lot more now that I have projected my desire to see more of them out there. The first is rose quartz, which as most of you know is one of the most common love crystals. Rose quartz is a fairly common one to be seen in many shapes and forms but this particular one is a deep pink and its gorgeous and smooth and can stand on it’s own (meaning you can remove it from its stand). The bonus with this kind of tower with a steady base is that you can write down your wish like “Please bring in my ideal partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend etc) into my life” and place it directly underneath the crystal-like a makeshift paperweight.

Protect and manifest with this tibetan black quartz!

The Tibetan Black Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals used for protection. This particular tower is used to “guard” the entrance of the house protecting the bedrooms of the residents as it is placed on the 2nd floor. Holding within it energies generated from the tibetan monks by way of prayers and programming it acts as a silent and gentle forcefield from negative energies. Whether they be negative intentions, negative prayers, malignant spirits and the like. This is also a stone for manifestation, meaning it helps bring thought into action, or desires into form. I think this particular one, considering it’s height gives off a rather quiet energy, not invasive, but rather subtle. It can also be used as a meditation stone because it places a protective bubble over whoever is near it. It’s excellent as well for any entrance where lots of people pass since it can act as a filter.

Transformer-more than meets the eye!

This labradorite is truly a treasure. Found by a powerful healer this is in fact one of the most powerful tranformative stones. It calls in magic and can enhance one’s psychic abilites as well as protects one from harmful energies. Much like the Tibetan Black Quartz in that aspect of protection, the labradorite prevents people from tapping into your personal energy (emotional vampires) and draining you. It also acts as a tool to help one discover lifestyle patterns, habits or beliefs that are detrimental to ones emotional and spiritual states. It gives a boost to prayers and healing thoughts so it’s a great stone to use when you’re wishing good on someone else. It is a crystal that should be placed in a new office, or a new home because it allows the occupant to transform with the place, to adapt, to adjust and to enhance anything and everything that is positive from the “move”.

There is nothing like the power of a crystal tower, so if you’ve got the budget for it, think about what it is you need in your life that could do with a little boost. A tower will certain elevate you, bear in mind that there are many fakes out there, so only go to reputable dealers or go with someone who can tell the difference.

  1. Dear Kat

    I really enjoyed your blog. I have started wearing crystals as a bracelet and am wondering where to get other crystals for the home etc.


    • Hi Janine!

      Nice to hear from you. There are a couple of sources I go to, one is in Makati, in Accessory Lab at the 2/F of Powerplant Mall. The second is a friend of mine who sells out of his house in Merville. Let me know if you want to see his stuff as it’s by appointment only, while Accessory Lab is of course, open to anyone in the mall.

      Thanks for supporting my blog!

  2. Hey Kat! Could you tell me what crystals will help encourage creativity and open the mind? I’ll have to figure out how to get some over here, but I would like to find which one would be the best to get.


    • Hey Mieke!
      Nice to hear from you. I think a good starting one would be a clear quartz crystal because you can program anything into them. For creativity, I think a nice green flourite or a blue calcite will also do. Aquamarine, because of its blue color is good for communication, especially if you want to write or speak better. I’ve also read that Creedite, Celestite, Spinel, Tiger Iron (which can look like Tiger’s Eye) are also recommended for creative pursuits. Good luck on your crystal hunt!

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