The Joy of Comfort Food

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 3, 2010 at 9:55 am

Brunching out

So what’s a girl to do on a Sabado? Brunch! Even if it may not be the healthiest meal of the day, the energy that goes into something enjoyable always has fantastic effect. I always look forward to brunch in Mamou and this morning was extra special as I was meeting up with some of my old colleagues. They were part of my team during my editor in chief days and I’m so happy to know that they have moved on and are still wanting very much to keep in touch and stay updated. This is way better than Facebook. There is nothing like a personal relationship, a shared meal (or drink, in our case it was a bellini) and good laughs at each others expense. Call in carino brutal but nothing can match a real life “poke” at oneself or at someone you care about. Good food and good times should never be replaced, no matter how far we’ve come in the digital age.

What’s in a meal? Well, the first thing is in the anticipation of what it’s going to taste like and second of all the possibility of sharing it with someone else. Relationships, romantic or not are to enhance our experiences during our earth life, and if you can’t share something, then you will be living a rather sad existence, in my opinion. Brunch is probably one of the more excusable pig outs in one’s existence. It’s at an odd hour and you can have anything really and even alcohol if you wish. It’s not that I don’t espouse healthy eating, I do, but I prefer good company and uncontrollable laughter any day over unhealthy yet yummy food. In other words, if you’re going to “sin” gastronomy wise, then make it worth it.

We must find joy in everything we do, and with everyone we’re with. Take heed in who you surround yourself with, because energies are contagious. You hang out with happy person you will imbibe that and you will spread some happiness yourself. Life is too short for the heavies 😉 So if you want to watch the world go by with glee, have a good meal with fabulous friends, as often as possible.

Savory to Sweet is super!

Bellinis are the best!

Brunching out

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