What’s your (soul) type?

In Philippine Star Column on July 2, 2010 at 6:54 am
From my Soul Train column in the Philippine Star

You’ve probably taken a personality test, and when you were little, you even took an IQ test. If you’re on Facebook or any other social networking site, the “What kind of (blank) are you?” statement becomes ubiquitous as thousands, even millions of people take quizzes or answer question-naires from the deep and philosophical to the downright plain silly.

By now you probably know if you’re a Type A personality, or that your animal profile is that of a panther, or an owl, or your celebrity lookalike is… (you know the drill) but wouldn’t it be interesting to know your soul type? This is not to be confused with the cheesy “What’s your sign?” come-on line, although knowing your astrological sign has long served as a guide to your personality and of those around you. To be honest, I love astrology and it has helped me a great deal when making decisions. I still get calls on an almost weekly basis from friends asking me what’s up (or down) with the planets. But knowing one’s soul type can answer questions of recurring issues in one’s life and why you feel drawn to or repulsed by certain people, situations, careers and even countries!

A caveat; before you even try to take a Soul Type test you have to believe in the possibility of past lives. If you scoff at the idea that we have been on this earth many times over then it would be best if you skip this entire column altogether as none of this will be remotely interesting to you. Past lives have lessons attached to them, and we carry them though different lifetimes. Ainslie MacLeod, psychic and author of The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended explains that all of us have to go through many experiences, sometimes extremely traumatic ones in order to be able to help others. There are different soul “ages” or levels (so yes, this could help explain why one is a “young” as opposed to “old’” soul). There are also advantages and challenges that come about with every soul type, so this may explain why you seem to get everything you want, while those with similar backgrounds and upbringings do not or vice versa. In other words there could be a more soul-oriented reason as to why we all “just can’t get along.”

The soul, according to MacLeod has its list of talents, issues and, more importantly, its mission. Knowing what these are could be highly beneficial to formulate your life plan, according to what is your Highest Good. The soul also has its own personality, certain traits that will make certain jobs and tasks more appealing or not a fit. MacLeod came up with a test that you can do online for this. (Visit Like a personality test, it gives a brief overview of what kind of soul type you possibly are. For example, you could be a Performer, one who enjoys being in the limelight but primarily because you need affirmation to prove that you are worthy of praise and your higher calling could be to keep people joyful and amused by entertaining them. Or perhaps you are a Hunter, someone who is very goal-oriented and levelheaded, but this could result in you being more practical than imaginative, your mission (should you choose to accept it) being to provide for your family or for your community. Don’t be surprised though if you score equally on two of the types. In fact, if you read the book and not just do the online quiz, you will discover that you have a primary and a secondary soul nature, and probably the best balance is to combine the traits of both. You may be surprised by the results, but when you read the explanation many things could very well start to make sense.

The online test is also fun if shared with your friends and family (if they believe in all of this) and may be a good way for you to mend certain relationships or come to terms with certain things that seem to keep you from moving forward. Let your intuition take the test for you, and have fun with it; you may or may not believe in the results, but it could lead to a very interesting status message on Facebook.

  1. thanks for sharing the Soul Type test, kat. apparently, i’m both a performer and a thinker. something for me to think about.

    • Hey Cybill! Yes, there is always a primary and secondary…if you get to read the book you’ll be able to get more in depth with regard to the soul age, your challenges and your soul purpose. He’s got a 2nd book out called the Transformation, which I haven’t been able to read yet. Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 any suggestions would be most appreciated!

  2. Hi Kat! This is Tintin. So interesting. I’ve been reading through your blog until I found myself here in your older posts and I can relate to so many things. So glad that you’re blogging about these! Will take the soul type test now! =)

    • Hey Tintin!
      Am so glad you found it interesting 🙂 Am trying to make this a resource blog for all things alternative so feel free to share it with others. Have a great week ahead!

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