Chakra Clearing

In Philippine Star Column on July 2, 2010 at 7:34 am

Clean your chakras out!

So what does “chakra” really mean, you might be thinking, having probably heard the word tossed around rather airily-fairily by friends or colleagues who claim they’re into “New Age” beliefs? The truth is chakra is as old age as it gets, having come from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” Wheel? The belief is that chakras are the entry point for energy, and that they rotate clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously. Sounds pretty trippy doesn’t it? It is. The quality of your chakra (color and size) can greatly influence your health, state of mind, emotional wellness and even your relationships; this includes romantic, friendships, family, work. There are seven major chakras found in the body and each corresponds to certain organs, feelings, even diseases. There are meditations and visualizations you can do in order to check how your chakra is doing, and how you are benefiting or suffering from their condition. If you feel that you have trouble making decisions, suffer chronic pains or illnesses, are not getting along with anyone (or the world), have suffered the same dramas in your love life then it may be time to do an energy diagnostic.

Undergoing a Reiki session with an experienced practitioner may be the gentlest and most relaxing way to get a chakra spruce-up. A spiritual practice that was developed in the 1920s by a Japanese monk is better known as “palm healing” since the whole process involves the Reiki healer placing his or her hands on you in order to unblock your chakras and achieve balance. Tina Garzon-Feibel is a level three Reiki practitioner, which means she has attained a master/teacher degree. Her sessions normally last between 90 minutes to two hours and involve you lying down on a mat as she places healing crystals over different parts of your body to start. Crystals are used to amplify any energy that may be needed to clean and then energize a chakra. Feibel goes about the session muttering words of prayer as she gently starts to lay her palms over different body energy points. The reaction during this part varies, some experience a deep, restful sleep, some have vivid dreams, some experience energy spasms as the body tries to rid itself of energy toxins (emotional attachments or hang-ups) while others may feel nothing more than gentle waves of heat. After the session Feibel shares her prognosis and even gives a crystal accessory to sustain the Reiki’s effects.

When the seven chakras are in a healthy state, they have vibrant colors, for example, the first chakra — the Root chakra (which represents one’s center of self preservation or survival) should be a bright red. This chakra on the physiological plane corresponds to the adrenal glands and the sex organs, when not in good condition it affects general vitality and if left untreated is believed to lead to cancer, low energy, blood ailments and sexual dysfunctions. The second chakra, called Sacral, should be a sunny orange. If blocked, it is supposed to affect the bladder, the prostate, the urinary tract and may be the cause of difficult relationships as this also affects your emotional state when not healthy. The third chakra, the Solar, is a lemon yellow when in great condition. This is where one develops one’s sense of self, if your Solar chakra is balanced, you will feel full of life, confident and optimistic. You will also be protected from digestive troubles, which include ulcers and gall bladder colic. It is also said that a healthy Solar chakra can give you great skin (read: acne-free) as it also relieves allergies and eczema.

The Heart chakra is the next and it should be a vivid green. When weakened or “dirty,” this chakra affects, yes, the heart, but also the thymus gland, the circulatory system and even the lungs. On an emotional plane, this may cause imbalance, enhancing feelings of betrayal, codependency and anxiety, not exactly what one wants to feel in any relationship or towards another person. The fifth chakra — Throat — is a robust blue, and ironically, if it is in poor condition it results in what are colloquially called “mental blocks.” Truthful expression and communication are hindered when this chakra is not in good shape, and if you’ve got a cough or a cold that won’t go away, it’s best to clear this particular chakra up, pronto. The last two chakras — namely the Brow (Indigo) and the Crown (Violet) — affect intuition and spiritual connection to the Divine respectively. On the physical level, a Brow chakra when clean and whole keeps the pituitary and endocrine glands in shape. The Crown corresponds to the brain and the pineal gland so if you’re feeling a little psycho at times then you may want to have this chakra checked.

In truth, you need not go to an “expert” for some chakra clearing but he or she may help explain in greater detail what chakras need a little TLC (and why) and how you can continue to keep them bright, shiny and healthy resulting in a more balanced, even joyful you.

For more information on Reiki sessions with Tina Garzon-Freibel, contact Alex at 0918-9079659 or visit

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